Tips to save with your minisplit unit

To alleviate inclement weather, whether cold or hot, let’s suppose we have a Mini Split unit to keep our home or business as comfortable as possible. Thanks to technologies such as Inverter and air conditioning systems with high energy efficiency, we have gradually reduced consumption. Nevertheless, is better to learn some tips to save with your Mini Split air conditioning system.

Even so, we have seen the price of energy in our homes rise sharply despite the fact that these new equipment and technologies have greatly reduced consumption. We’ll show you some tips and tricks to save electricity in your home or business, following these tips related to your air conditioning system.

What can you do with your mini split system to save energy?

Find below a list of tips to save with your Mini Split or any other HVAC air conditioned system

  • To reduce the consumption of electricity while using air conditioning, we recommend installing an HVAC unit (in this case a Mini Split air conditioner) based on its energy efficiency. The units to be selected must use inverter technology with energy efficiency A+ onwards (preferably A+++). In spite of being more expensive in the long run it will represent a saving of up to 40-60% compared to conventional air conditioning system.
  • Choose the power required for our air conditioning equipment always taking into account the area to be air-conditioned because we should not install units with more power or those that have less than required.
  • Choose the correct location when installing the air conditioning or HVAC unit. Use an installer who advises you when installing your HVAC equipment, as a bad location of both the indoor and outdoor units can lead to higher consumption. Install the Mini Split unit as far away from direct sunlight as possible, because the unit will require more effort to operate and therefore consume more energy.
  • Setting the temperature on the thermostat to very high in winter or very low in summer can cause consumption to increase considerably.
  • It is important to maintain the best possible insulation because poor insulation in our homes or offices can cause a huge loss of performance. For example, lowering curtains at times when the sun is shining directly into a room can result in a significant reduction in electricity costs.
  • Cleaning or replacing air conditioning filters as needed or recommended by the manufacturer is critical as this can not only cause unit failure, but also adversely affect the HVAC unit’s power consumption.
  • Clean every few years the external unit and also the internal fan and heat exchanger to avoid problems of operation, health and of course unnecessary electrical expense. To clean these components it is advisable to contact a professional.
  • If the HVAC unit has an Eco mode, this will help you reduce consumption by up to 30%.

Go Ductless + Inverter Technology + Home Insulation +  Regular AC Unit Maintenance = Max Savings

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